Honda CRF 450R Custom Clutch Arm (Compatible with 450R/RX/L)

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If you ride a Honda CRF450 2017-2020 we developed an easier pull, less on/off feeling clutch arm. Developed closely with top level pros and race teams we now offer our clutch arm to everyone. Compatible with 450R/RX/L

Click here for step by step install instructions.

See what Kris Keefer had to say about the Custom Clutch Arm:

" The Honda's clutch engagement point is very narrow and although the Rekluse Torque Drive Clutch pack helps the life/pull, the engagement is still too on/off for me. Chad at XPR Motorsports makes a custom clutch arm that really helps get an increased linear feel out of your clutch engagement. Not only is my engagement point wider, but it also delivers the power to the ground smoother, which in turn gave me more throttle to rear wheel feel. What does this mean? More consistent starts and better mid-exit corner rear wheel connection."